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  1. Can someone make a human questing profile that is a 1-Click easy questing profile please? I understand it's hard/impossible for the Bot to use boats to go to new areas, and that the Bot may get stuck at times or just mess up. Maybe split it up into profiles for the area? Like "Human Starting Area" & then "Goldshire quests" or whatever then maybe westfall? and so on. This way we can Start it and when it stops we can move to the area before starting up the next profile? Just haven't found a good QUESTING profile for 1-90 yet. Anyway one that works without getting stuck or bugging to the point to where it won't even pick up the quests for 5.4.8 on Warmane. I am not going to download pandawow bc Warmane's quests and population are very good and aside from the x7 xp everything else is mostly blizz like. Most of the Dungeons at low level are broke but they are still working on that so maybe they will be fixed soon :D
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