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  1. Hi Droidz, I'm trying to re-downlaod Mesh files for the TBC version. However, I can't even download meshes from . Is there a new link? Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to also add some kind of logic to move out from the "Balance Druids" "Solar Beam"?
  3. bump :)
  4. Thank you guys!!!! :)
  5. Hi, I'm trying to make the bot not Vendor any items that are not saved to my appearance. In other words, I don't want my bot to sell Transmog items. How do I identify if an item that is an unknown transmog to me? Some C# reference to do a check on the item before selling it would be great! Thanks!
  6. What action should the reset step have prior to the Pulse step?
  7. When will the next update be live? Also, as an unrelated question: do you happen to know how to use the Scheduler without a timer? And instead just run next steps based on whether the last step finished. IS that possible? I'm trying to logout as soon as the quester step has finished isntead of waiting on the timer. Thanks!!
  8. Can we get a reply when there's an update for the bot? :) Thanks Droidz!
  9. Wrobot isn't working with the lastest wow patch 22423