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    Been running this profile for 2 days now on different classes (hunter, lock, priest and mage) and so far it has been really smooth. No bugs so far. Have not needed to interfere with the bot once actually, really solid work. Bambo is also very active on discord answering questions.
    I highly recommend this profile, i've only used it after level 40 but its working like a charm :)
  1. Yea this. After buff scroll it keeps itself or the voidwalker in target and cant turn in quests anymore, have to relog to fix it.
  2. Ofc.. haha, now i feel even smarter than before. Thanks lol
  3. Hi, is it possible to set it to only do the one which triggered the rest time? Ie, if my lock goes below 35% mana but has 70%hp and still uses both food and water atm. I would like it to only use the one that triggered the rest time. If that makes sense 😄
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