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  1. There's an option for that. Isn't always foolproof but it helps most of the time. You can find it in general settings (might have to look under advanced settings). It also helps when your fighting profile has a way to pull from distance, so you don't just have to run into a group of mobs to start combat.
  2. UseItemOn doesn't work because of Item Cooldown

    Yeah, another possibility. I just think the logic of the useItemOn questclass could be improved, maybe allow setting an item cooldown time. But ofcourse that's up to droidz, im just reporting the issue.
  3. So in this quest I have to use an item on 2 different points. It used the item on the first hotspot just fine... but when it arrived at the second hotspot the item was still on cooldown when the bot used it, so it didn't work. It ran back again to the first hotspot and used the item again succesfully, ran again to the second hotspot and it was on cooldown again, creating an infinite loop. I thought I could solve it by creating 2 entries for the same quest in the quest editor and doing them seperately but what this does is pulse the first entry succesfully, then it goes to the second step uses the item (which is still on cooldown) once and then it doesn't do anything anymore. I can solve it manually by running code in a thread but seems like this shouldn't be happening.
  4. UseItemOn doesn't work because we're mounted

    This is with the WOTLK version. Forgot to specify (don't even know if it changes anything).
  5. When the bot mounts (flying mount in my case) and flies to a hotspot where it should use an item, it remains mounted and thus using the item fails. So basically the bot needs to dismount before it tries to use an item, otherwise it just doesn't work and it gets stuck.
  6. FollowPath "Can Condition"

    Ive had it before, using a follow path is how I solved it as well. I think I went for a simple solution by returning a Quest.hasquest(questid) && !Quest.isObjectiveComplete(1, questId) as can condition. So something similar should do the trick, written from phone il check it again on pc later on.
  7. Wotlk daily quester

    That seems correct. This will just override the method from the parent QuestClass, that gets the information if the quest is completed and return a false statement everytime. Im sure if you so wish you could customize the method with other conditions to return either a true or false, depending on for example if the quest was already done that day.