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  1. Then there must be a work around, I have used many other profiles and had the setting on 0 and they have still functioned fine. I would think that skipping a few nodes or even all gameobject gathering quests would be preferential than to suicide repeatedly, get reported, and banned.
  2. Is there anyway to prevent the forced settings this profile makes? I've tried disabling the steps but then it wont play at all. The fact that it has 100 as the value for "max units near mob" as base setting is beyond foolish. It has my character zerging into camps of 6+ mobs and dieing repeatedly.
  3. Tried messaging droidz but it says that you cant dm him.
  4. Hey droidz, How do I go about upgrading my subscription?
  5. No longer getting the wow crash error reports how ever the bot is still freezing up wow and causing it to crash. I've already tried clearing cashe and reinstalling wrobot. As well as trying it in no lock mode as well, yet I'm still getting the wow client to freeze and close and bot giving me this. [E] 14:56:08 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 14:56:08 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 14:56:08 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen
  6. The Fight class is set to 2 on the range, still doesn't move into range
  7. Hi I'm a bot new here so might be an obvious answer but I currently am running a hunter and a "helper" bot rogue. When I start attacking a mob my "helper" will try to start auto attacking from about 20 yards or where ever he was when I triggered the mob. How do I get him to close the distance and actually start attacking?
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