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  1. I am building it in C# this time, I needed more control so I made the switch. I will take a look at this COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED, seems like exactly what I need.
  2. I have made a fight class for my affliction warlock. It works really well, but to maximize it's dps, I want to change the behavior of when it stops channeling Drain Soul to re-dot the enemy. I have made it so, if my dots are about to expire on the enemy it stops the Drain Soul channeling and that works perfectly. But I want to make sure it does not do this right before it's about to damage the enemy. Is there any way to find out how long time passed since the last time Drain Soul did damage? It's fine if I can just find out every time it does damage so I can add a DateTime to a variable
  3. I finally made it work. For anyone interested here is my solution. I converted the spell to a c# script and made the following: // Rain of Fire Lua.SecureLuaCall = false; string canCast = Lua.LuaDoString<string>("return EnableAoe"); Lua.SecureLuaCall = true; if (canCast != "0") { var rof = new wManager.Wow.Class.Spell("Rain of Fire"); rof.Launch(); }
  4. The robotmanager.helpful.var, does not seem to return anything, not sure what variable it is trying to find, the documentation isn't that helpful. Also, I am doing this using the FightClass creator and I don't think I can have multiline c# in it's conditions unfortunately. I may have to convert everything to c# because of this..
  5. I tried using Lua.LuaDoString, and I get the same problem it seems. Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(@" if (EnableAoe == ""0"") then return false else return true end")
  6. I see what you mean, but it is the other way around I need. I need to pass information from wow to wrobot. Do you mean I can change my keybinding ingame and read that in wrobot or what do you mean? It is just a boolean value I need, so whatever workaround I can use would be fine.
  7. I see. Thank you. Is there any way to pass data to wrobot from in game? I just want to toggle a couple of variables using macros instead of having to stop the bot, switch a variable and start it again. It would also be fine if I could draw a gui using wrobot or something similar to switch a variable directly there. Also, has this behavior changed? I remember this working a couple of years ago. There are also references to this exact thing around the forums.
  8. I have a Macro: /run if EnableAoe == "1" or EnableAoe == nil then EnableAoe = "0"; print("Disabled AoE") else EnableAoe = "1" print("Enabled AoE") end And a LUA script condition: print(EnableAoe) When I run this it works fine, but as soon as the "EnableAoe" variable is set, the fight class stop working until I reload the ui. The variable is printed just fine though and it doesn't matter if it is a print or not, as soon as I have any reference to that variable that is hit, this happens. Meaning, if I put it in an "if 1 == 2", the issue is not there. Even if I put the spell with t
  9. I would like to add, the only flight path that works for me is the one in Stormwind, it works every time. But you are automatically dismounted as the flight master is indoors.
  10. I am playing on WoTLK and after getting mount the bot can no longer use flight paths. If I dismount and start the bot the flight paths seems to work fine. It opens the map with the overview of the destinations to go to, this automatically dismounts me, and then it closes the window again. In the logs: 12:38:27 - [FlightMaster] No found useful destination on FlightMaster Gryth Thurden, skip it. 12:38:27 - [FlightMaster] Cannot take taxi, Blacklist flightmaster 30 min and taxi node for session. I have tried disabling all plugins, it is the same problem. The same issues occurs if you
  11. Was more thinking of a plugin or setting, that would choose a fight class depending on spec.
  12. Is it currently possible to automatically switch fight class, while WRotation is running when changing spec in game?
  13. I have created a Fight Class for my Demonology Warlock and it works great. Now I have a problem though. Since my Life Tap now gives me a buff called Life Tap, it will not cast Life Tap on low mana when that buff is active. I cannot find a way to disable the check for if the buff is already active. I tried setting "Is Buff" to false, but no luck. I also tried making a second spell and set it to only cast when the buff is on, but that does not work either.
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