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  1. profile worked good until i got my pet. the bot only detect mobs when it's almost in melee range... it looks like it doesn't see the mobs anymore. this leads to a very botlike movement. is there any way to fix it? EDIT: nvm, i solved it by changing the zone lol
    After using every level range of this profile i have to say: 1-22 works good except that the bot gets stuck in tram tunnel every single time when it travels from ironforge to sw for the first time. When i hit lvl 22, the bot will go to wetlands and the problems start. Maybe it's just me but many of the routes since lvl 22 seem to be not pretty well tested because the bot always run into like 3-4 mobs and dies 2-3 times and hour. There are missing so many blacklisted zones i had to add by myself. i saw the bot running in a bot train more than i like to and many routes are super inefficient or are on a very risky spot because of many players for example hillsbrad. i tried it over and over but sadly i had to do my own profiles for almost every level since lvl 22 because there were just too many issues in my opinion. I can only give 2 Stars for it.. Good low level, bad mid to high level, what is the most important.
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