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  1. fps is limited to 20 with dxtory, and ill try things you suggested, thanks
  2. Hey, i already posted about this before but I'd like to ask Droidz if this is fixable because i don't think its normal that i can run around 25-30 vanilla wows+bots and I can't even run 10 TBCs (even with DXtory on), it often happens some wrobot instances are as high as 20-30% of my CPU which is WAY too much to use from i7 4790k. Any thoughts/help with this?
  3. You should be able to run updater and change it to 1.12.1 version of wrobot, at least I think you can.
    Works great, hopefully 30-40 comes soon.
  4. pretty much using almost same profiles/plugins/classes so it still seems strange it's that big difference :p
  5. You are telling me the tbc bot itself is normal to use 5-10 times more than vanilla? Yes it's newer expansion but the game itself takes maybe like 3GBs more, doesn't make sense that it's 10 times more tough. I was wondering if maybe there was a way to reduce it?
  6. Hey guys, why is my tbc wrobot each instance using 3-7% of my i7 4790k while vanilla use like 1%? and it's also making wow micro freeze every few seconds while in vanilla overall fps is reduced, what's up with that?
  7. The quest that hunter does at level 10, only these pets he is trying to attack untill they turn quest in or something, i doubt its the fight profile, because both pally_C and mcro rogue have this happening (orc and dwarf zone)
  8. I don't think you understood what I mean, the pets that hunter does as a quest at level 10, they are like 30-50% hp, green bar, but bot is still trying to attack them, in both vanilla and tbc, and this plug-in didn't work.
  9. Is there any place where i can see commands for all of this? I also want to know what the command is to ressurect at spirit healer?
  10. Hey guys, I am wondering how to add into quest profile to change certain settings at certain spots? Like for example to turn off selling/looting from 12 to 14?
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