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  1. Got to level 30 with your new 1-30 questing profile (very impressive profile. writing up a review/bug report now, should be ready in a day or so). Started this up with the "25-31 Wetlands" part of the profile. Got to 31 and walked to arathi highlands for the next part of the profile just fine. Checked on it a couple hours later and it had all it's gear broken, and kept rezzing and dying at Ogres at Boulderfist Hall. It instantly blacklists every vendor it begins to walk to for no reason, and ends up just rezzing and dying over and over again, blacklisting any repair vendor it starts to go to. Clearing the blackIist doesn't fix anything, it just blacklists them again. included a log :) 14 Jan 2018 02H21 - HbJo.log.html EDIT: A hour or so after starting the profile again at Arathi, it did the same vendor problem. Think vendors are broken right here vendor problems.log.html
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