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  1. I am relatively new to botting and was wondering is there a way to bot say 3 characters at once in a group where they will grind together and heal eachother and so on? or even quest together?
    This guy is a legend, his profiles are great and his customer service is astounding! if he makes more profiles i need i will not hesitate to buy them!
  2. Having a really bad time 😞 so i brought ur profile and i was at the cross roads. i ran it and my toon runs all the way back to booty bay then swims round and goes back to the start trying to find quests that are not there. i went in and un-ticked the quests and then it takes me to more that ive done or that are not available. i have just purchased wrobot and ur profile today and this is my first time trying. please help me as i really dont want to be left out of pocket and nothing to show for it. im on kronos3 if that helps.
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