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  1. @Lixion Thanks for the report. I do have a few questions, if you would answer them: 1. What levels were the Warlocks? 2. How long were your botting sessions? 3. Grinding or Questing profiles? 4. What plugins (if any) were you using? 5. Do you have any Security settings enabled? i.e. Close on teleport, AFK on nearby players, etc. 6. Horde or Alliance? 7. Did you create the accounts on the same IP? Thanks in advance for any information you would be able to provide. Always Automating, Amontis
  2. @wookie_cookie If you are worried about bans, you can always set Wrobot to log off or pause when players are detected nearby. I do think most of my bans have been player reports, as GMs cannot have the time to teleport to every player. Although, they could camp out in a known botting spot, and do tickets/duties while inspecting players that have the misfortune of crossing their path. As for myself, I will just keep creating accounts as they are free, and to me successful botting (max level) is just a matter of volume 🙃
  3. Lost one druid at @33 while offline after questing in the Shimmering Flats. Rather undergeared for the level. Bambo's Quester 1-50 and Grinder 1-70 used about 50/50. No mount. Ban happened approx. 2 hours after being offline. Different VPNs for each account, no items mailed, 12 hour botting sessions with 6 hour breaks, same machine botting. Bank and other accounts remain intact. Seems to be player reports or chain dying repeatedly, some other manual detection method. Have another character in the area doing the same quests, and they are still unbanned.
  4. This seems to be the most valid theory, and I will look into setting up VMs. I mourn the lost most of my Main account's names - names I have used since Beta Vanilla.
  5. Lost 5 Accounts today, including my main which I have not logged onto in WEEKS. I don't know how they identified my main account as I have transferred no gold or items, nor ever botted on my main account. Something is seriously up, and I would definitely recommend not botting on the same PC you use your main account on or run bots or main in a VM. 4 of the 5 accounts banned were not even online at the time.
    If you want to level fast and not be detected, then this if one of your best options! GREAT XP One-click FULL AFK leveling...click and forget. I like using this and Bambo's 1-70 TBC grinder to mix up routines and lower detection levels. Only gripe is it's not 1-58! This is why I bought 1-70 grinder :)
  6. Sent DM. It looks like they turned one of my Rogues into a Mage lol
  7. Lost 7 accounts today. I will check all my logs later tonight. Mule/Gold account was not hit All on different IPs via proxies, all using HMA Plugin, and Bambo Quester 1-50 Profiles. Bots were active ~12 hours a day, about 95% AFK, for 18 days. 35 Undead Mage 36 Undead Rogue 26 Orc Warrior 32 Undead Rogue 35 Undead Priest 28 Tauren Druid 25 Tauren Hunter
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