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    This is a very good project. I have test different classes and works very good except for the Shaman and Demonology Warlock. Shaman keeps casting the totems till there is no more mana. Demonology Warlock keeps respawning the Imp and Voidwalker even in combat after activating/Deactivating summon pet in Combat. Than you very much for this *Update: Yes the client is in English (enGB) and attached a new log without any addon. Already reset the talents and try as Destruction and the behavior is the same. In lower levels the Voidwalker was working fine. I think the issue started once I got level 60. In the 19 April log, the character already have a Voidwalker before starting the Bot. As there is no more Soulstone it summon the Imp and tries again multiple times in combat and out of combat. 18 Apr 2021 00H52.log.html 18 Apr 2021 00H05.log.html 19 Apr 2021 15H17.log.html
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