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  1. hi psyckoze, can you use WR on this Freakz server? i have try a lot of version but cant apply in game, can you tell me how to do and which version do you use? Thank you very very much!
  2. Thank you for reply, i have renamed WOW executable file to Wow.exe but this FreakZ server not allowed to change executable filename . is there another way WR can apply WOW? This server use this laucher_freakz-735-64.exe to start game.
  3. Thank you for your reply ,i have domnload this WRobot_7.3.5_26365_final version, but its not working on FreakZ server, can you tell me which version should i use , or this server cant use WR at all? thank you !
  4. can you tell me how do you fix this ? i have same problem like this. thank you bro.
  5. 你好朋友 不知道你是否已经解决了这个问题,我在尝试做4.3惩戒骑CC的时候遇到一个问题就是无法在触发神圣意志也就是 Divine Purpose的时候 使用圣殿骑士的裁决~ 交流一下
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