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  1. only thing not getting me banned now is using matenia bg pluging with his figth class been able to gring over 160k + honor just got a rogue banned today in pvp using regular wrobot bg mode and the bans are with no whisper or talking to gm u just dc try to logg back and ur banned
  2. i got so far this week 2 accounts banned one lvl 70 lock used onli to mine i guess what flagged me was the selling of ores was selling alot i would farm like 2-3 hours then post ah the log off for like 5-8 hours then do it againg i would only keep 100g on this toon the rest i would deposit in gbank the other was a shamy lvl 61 i only did herb on him not that much but still banned it was in ungoro crater both bands bot just dc the try to log back it was banned and alsoi had 3 hunters banned in the last month no matter what i do low hours 3-4 questing or grinding power lvling once i hit 60 i dc and banned maybe they got my ip saved or sunting cuz my first bot in the server was a hunter when i was learning and that i did overbot make shitty profile got stuck
  3. am playing on endless tbc it seens like is a problem with the server hasn't happen in while after clean install
  4. i cant get my pet to use is abilities my toon just standing in melle range dosent move back when i use crowl manually it works as intended i alredy try to reinstall
  5. any way to get pet using its abilities it just auto attacks and then my toon is trying to melee when i manually hit growl then he moves back and uses rotation
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