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  1. Hi It's working better with a grinder profile and select mobs ID, but sometime he doesn't follow the path. in all case it's fine for me 🙂 Thanks !
  2. merci , ca fonctionne mieux sur Grinder en selectionnant les mobs, par contre il ne suit pas forcement le chemin indiqué. Mais c'est deja mieux ! 🙂 merci
  3. My fightclass is hunt. I will try with grinder profile
  4. Hi, I create a Gatherer profil to skin but my player doesn't attack the mobs. When he is attacked, he kill and get the skin correctly.. How can i force to attack every mobs ? Thanks !
  5. Hello, J'ai fait un parcours dans gatherer pour depecer des mobs mais le perso n'attaque pas.. par contre quand il est attaqué il tue et depece correctement une idee pour le forcer a tout attaquer ? merci !
    Hi, Working fine but I've an issue with it when I try to mine with my shaman. When I'm on a deposit, the shaman iturns into a wolf but doesn't mine, and leave. I've try with an other fight class and it's work correctly. in all case thanks for your work !
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