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  • Auto appraisal of the items

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    Dear Community,

    The Auction bot is a great one ! Let me suggest an enhancement: a feature that automatically appraises the price of items (like the button Appraise selected item at...).

    The idea behind this is I would like to always be the cheapest vendor, and therefore increase the likelihood that people buy my items.
    Ideally, I should be able to set a minimum for the auto-appraised price as well (to cover the case when someone sell an item at a ridiculously low price).

    This new feature would be a great addition for the Auction bot and integrates well with what is already built: when the bot is posting new items to the ah, it first check the price of the available items. If there are available items, then the bot will appraises the price automatically to be at the lowest (or like the options in the current combo box) and sells the items. If no item is available or too expensive, the bot sells the items with the price as defined in the already-existing column Buyout Price Per Unit.

    What do you think guys ?

    Thanks !


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    In addition, a new option would complete this feature: the ability to cancel auctions if we no longer are the lowest vendor. Thus, the feature suggested in my first message will reprocess those items to be at the lowest price. :)

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    Sorry, this feature can be good, but I'll not add this (I want keep easy to use auction bot).

    You can buy item with lower price than your price (to keep monopoly), or you need to make it manually.

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