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  • Bugs / better movement in Battlegrounds

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    I wonder if it is possible to improve a few paths on battlegrounds which are basically the only reason someone can rate the behavior as "bot". I am playing on the Alliance side (wotlk version) and here are the things that have been causing problems for a long time:
    - Warsong Gulch - after respawn / resurrect: the character does not go down (right next to the graveyard) like other players, but runs to the left of the spawn (and finally tries to run up from the bottom of the graveyard)
    - Arathi Basin - the character often runs through the water to get to the second part of the map
    - Alterac Valley - the character often runs to the back of the respawn (mine - entrance near bridge)
    - Eye of the Storm - the character often, after falling from the respawn, returns to the same place on the ground (below the respawn platform, which causes him to fall even lower).

    I'm surprised that these bugs - after so many years of running the scribe - still exist. What is the impossibility of repairing them - is it too difficult? complicated? is the project abandoned?


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    22 hours ago, Droidz said:


    I will try to improve this during the week.

    If you need help in pointing point wrong movement do not hesitate to contact. Few I described above are most problematic in my opinion (cause that bot may be detected)

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     It's because nobody really uses the BG bot.

    I tediously handcrafted routes and added offmeshes where possible in my own product.
    I suggest you do the same for the best and most "natural" results.

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    You're still very obviously a bot. For my product, I reworked all the routes, added offmeshes and made the bot follow objects as well as possible.
    Even then, you still end up getting reported. Maybe not on massive Russian WotLK servers where nobody cares anyway.

    I have probably 3-4k hours of BG botting under my hood just with WRobot between Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. Trust me, when I say that just fixing the pathing itself won't be enough to not get caught.

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    No, this: 

    Keep in mind, I am NOT advertising this as a solution to your problems. I'm saying you should do this yourself to fit your own needs. A product that works cross expansion and is made for the public will never do exactly what you personally want it to do.

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