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  • Configurable automatic blacklisting time

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Suggestion Status: Confirmed

    It would be great addition for developers if we could tell for how long the bot will blacklist nodes/monsters/ other objects if it fails reaching them for some reason

    Currently Nodes during gather quest are blacklisted for 60 secs. This is too long for some quests especially on Legion area

    Also currently monsters are permanently(?) blacklisted untill they respawn. Due to ingame events this will cause huge problems with killing quest monters due to blacklisting

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    @Droidz How is it going with this? My bots are constantly skipping mobs that they have killed before. Technically it's a bug, that persist from the beginning, not a suggestion.

    Bots are skipping nodes, mobs and ninja skinning is also affected by this.

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