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  • [Fight] Chases targets with wrong LoS flags

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Currently the bot chases targets, even if it can shoot through objects. Especially in BGs this looks absolutely retarded.
    It should ONLY check for WMO/Spell LoS. Only if the fightclass range is > 8 yards (bigger than melee range) should it walk directly on top of your target. If you can cast through a tree, let it cast through a tree/box/other gameobject.

    This will get users banned, if it's not changed and is a really easy fix.

    Tested on 3.3.5a

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    I checked (in wotlk) I cannot reproduce the problem. Can you share screenshot and position easy to reach (with low level character) where I can reproduce problem please.

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    I will try to create a video. It happened mostly in Arathi Basin (battleground) where other players would kite my character around a cart and other small objects. 

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