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  • Fight.StartFight deadlock?

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Confirmed

    Hello @Droidz,

    I have the following problem. The bot doesn't recognize I am in fight (vanilla) after casting polymorph on another mob.
    Now I use this snippet of code to force it to attack polied targets. However it completely locks at Fight.StartFight UNTIL the mob is dead (from external sources) or I die.
    Check out the log below.

    What can cause this?

    if(!Fight.InFight || !Me.InCombat)
      WoWUnit polyTarget = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().FirstOrDefault(u => u.HaveDebuff("Polymorph") && u.GetDistance <= 20);
      if (polyTarget != null)
        Logging.WriteFight("Found polied target " + polyTarget.Name);
        Logging.WriteFight("Polytarget Valid: " + polyTarget.IsValid);
        Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked = false;
        Logging.WriteFight("Targeting poly");
        Fight.StartFight(polyTarget.Guid, false);
        Logging.WriteFight("Starting fight again");
        Logging.WriteFight("Casting Frostbolt on polied target! Already InFight: " + Fight.InFight);
    [F] 13:32:06 - Fightclass successfully casted: Frostbolt
    [F] 13:32:06 - Found polied target Highland Strider
    [F] 13:32:06 - Polytarget Valid: True
    [F] 13:32:06 - Targeting poly
    13:32:07 - [HumanMasterPlugin] cancelling regen while in combat
    13:32:07 - [Fight] Player Attack Highland Strider (lvl 31)
    [F] 13:32:36 - Starting fight again
    [F] 13:32:36 - Casting Frostbolt on polied target! Already InFight: False
    13:32:37 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Highland Strider
    13:32:38 - [Fight] Player Attack Highland Strider (lvl 30)


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    Hello, can you share info of target with a Polymorph buff (in dev tools with button "memory info", share only target info, check if you haven't info about your character before to post info).

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    For now, I solved this by manually setting Fight.InFight = true and it will just continue working normally.
    But I have noticed that whenever you crowd control a mob in vanilla (fear, polymorph, repentance) it will un-target you adn the bot will stop fighting it and completely ignore it.

    I'll get back to you with memory info if I find the time.

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