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    Hey Droidz,

    for my framework, I set focus and mouseover units to make casting on off targets more easily possible. 
    Can you add the option to still write mouseover guid via wRobot API? I think ObjectManager.Me.FocusGuid Setter still works just fine. 

    Or is there at least a check like Usefuls.CanWriteToMemory?
    Then MAYBE I can think of a workaround. But currently it breaks some of my stuff.

    For Mouseover via ObjectManager.Me.MouseoverGuid, if you want:

    private static void SetMouseoverGuid(ulong guid)
            switch (Usefuls.WowVersion)
                case 5875:
                    Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WriteUInt64((uint)Memory.WowMemory.Memory.MainModuleAddress + 0x74E2C8, guid);
                case 8606:
                    Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WriteUInt64((uint)Memory.WowMemory.Memory.MainModuleAddress + 0x86E950, guid);
                case 12340:
                    Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WriteUInt64( 0x00BD07A0, guid);
                    throw new Exception("Wow version is not supported!");


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    Update: It seems this actually works... It's weird, sometimes it seemed to break. 
    I'd write the mouseover guid, call Lua.LuaDoString($"CastSpellByName('{name}', 'mouseover')") and nothing happens. It seems almost like the WoW client breaks for a bit. Happens on Warmane only I guess and I can't really reproduce it.

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    Yes, thank you. I noticed this is a different issue that seems to taint some Lua functions on Warmane somehow. I cannot reproduce it reliably, so for now it's okay.

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