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    I create a Fightclass with only 2 Spells. Both are instant. Both have the same setting (default).

    Saberslash with Prio 2,

    Pistol Shot with Prio 1


    Nothing more. Simple to rebuild. For my opinion: Pistel Shot should never be used, because both have the same setting, and saberslash are first. Right ?!? ("Unlock fps" and "Improve Combat" are off)

    A test on the training dummy show others. Pistol Shot is used very often ... why ?!? I need a rota, not a random .

    Rogue - Outlaw RotaBug.xml

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    1 hour ago, Bugreporter said:

    No. it doesnt. Pistol Shot and Saber Slash have the same condition. Saberslash is before Pistol Shot. So Pistolshot should never be used.

    But it is !!! (and thats the bug.)


    That's not a bug.. It's just how a rotation works.

    First high priority and then the lower priority and ofc. checks which one is ready, does it have enough of the required thing. ( mana, energy, etc.. )

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    7 hours ago, Bugreporter said:

    My mistake. They are both ready, but pistolshot needs 40 energy, saberslash 50.... Soooorry!

    Just put Saber slash in the conditions for Pistol Shot. I.e. Spell Ready Saberslash need false.. That should solve your Problem.

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