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  • [Vanilla] Ashenvale pathing problems. Again.

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Good day. Sorry in advance for my english, as you know, it's not my native language. Hope it will be readable.

    Something have definitely changed in pathfinder after 25th october, as i already reported here:

    In 2 words, @maukor have reported that bot is ignoring blackspots sometimes (it is not a new problem, it have been like this for atleast 2 years already). And after that, seems like @Droidz changed something in pathfider. At the next day all my profiles in Ashenvale was broken (as i reported in the same thread).

    Here is some examples First screenshot with black spots, second screenshot - the same profile, same starting position but without any black spots.











    As you can see at screenshot pairs 1), 2) and 3), bot is completley ignoreing the road and alway going in to the lake. This lake is full of death (mobs +5-8 levels of mine). And there is no way to ignore it with black spot. He just goes trugh lake, or trugh Barrens.

    You can also see, that at screenshot pair 4) and 5) not a single black spot is blocking the path of the bot, that he desides to run when there is no black spots at all. So basicly he should do the same path on both screenshots (as he did befor) but he does not.

    My guess that you have increased something like "avoid blackspot distance". That did not help with the problem when bot is running in to black spots and completley broke an ablility of pathing close to any black spot.

    More then one week have passed, i can't lavel new accounts trugh Ashenvale anymore. No response. No fix. Can you please look at this problem as a bug report maybe?

    I can provide a profile / account with a character of Ashenvale level (at live server) / black spots list for testings if needed. Or you can just reverse that change and i'll test it myself.

    Thank you.


    About the problem that @maukor was talking. It seems that it happens when bot for some reason decides to black list some position (even though all automatic blacklisting is turned off) and after that he completely changes his normal path to a weird one, that is usually ignoreing black spots because now he thinks that this is the only way to run around. And he will run that way until you restart it.

    It seems like a phantom bug. I have tested it for a while, was running 2 exactley the same bots at the same realm at the same circle profile at the same time ower and ower again, and after like 7 hours one of them have buged and start moveing not in circle (as he should) but in shape of 8 instead. Mainwhile the other bot was still fine and was doing his circle routine.


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    Have deleted all black spots thet are close to the road. Bot still rejects to take a road path and goes trough The Barrens or trough blacklisted allianse camp with level 60 elites... 2 weeks have passed. Half of my farm not leveling. Are you going to fix this?



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    @Droidz 3 weeks have passed. How many years this bug will live unresponced? I don't want to be rude, but why should we always beg for a working product that we are mounthly Pay for? It's not free or one time purchase anymore, i do pay for time i use it, and i can't use it bacause you "did something" again, without any explanation, and just left it as it is.

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    Hello, wait next update, try to change blacklisted zones to area type "POLYAREA_DANGER" (instead POLYAREA_BIGDANGER). If this does't works try to create road to the destination (with area type "POLYAREA_ROAD").

    Why bot go to this zone, do you use quester product? 

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    36 minutes ago, Droidz said:

    You cannot use quest type FollowPath to go to the zone?

    It's a quester product with a "grinder" step, i can send it to you if you want and also i can give you a level 20-25 character to test it with.

    At my screenshots bot just going from vendor to the spot. So it's "to town" process, not my "follow path" step.

    - If there were an option to write "follow path to town", it would work, but there is no such option.
    - If there were an option to set two different vendors depending on a quester step (while you do step 1, go to vendor 1, else, go to vendor 2), it would work, but there is no such option.
    - If there was no path finder bug around Alliance / Horde Warsong gulch vendors, that also have been reported, then i would be able to sell to them at this step (those vendors are the closest one to the spot) and again, it would work, and again, i can't.
    - If path finder will recognize that road, as he did before 24.10.2018, it will also work, but it don't anymore. Lake or Barrens, no other way anymore.

    So i have rewrited my profiles like 4 times already. It feels like i just fighting new bug every couple month, do workaround to solve it and then a new bug arriwes, and i have to create new profile with new workaround. Something like this:
    - Oh, my profile can't reach that vendor anymore? Okay, i will rewrite it with another vendor included.
    - Oh, now it stuck at the trees 50% of the time? Okay, i will rewrite it again.
    - Oh, now it stuck when bot is going to vendor at WSG camp? Okay, i will rewrite path and vendor list again.
    - And now again it's broken and there is no way to just follow the road.

    Once again, i will gladly help with any additional information, any data i can gather or anything that can help you. I can give characters for testing and my profiles. Just tell if you will need anything.

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