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  • [VANILLA] Hunter Attack repetition detection

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed


    SpellManager.IsRepeating(Attack.Ids)  on Hunter Attack spell (6603) always return false.

    SpellManager.IsRepeating(new List<uint>{6603}) Always return false too.

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    Something that needs to be highlighten: I don't know for other classes since I didn't look at them, but for hunters, Attack speel (6603) is a self cast spell. That causes the toon to "loose" it's target as the log tells it=> [FIGHT] Manual target change

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    @Droidz - this looks horrific in-game and is going to get people reported / banned.  Its got to the point where i changed the fight class range so im sending my hunter in to melee to avoid the constant weapon swaps when attacking at range.

    Can we please have a method to stop the bot auto attacking while at range.  i know you updated mid February saying the bot wont auto atack unless within 15 yards, however this is still occurring in vanilla.  can we please have a way to disable auto attack getting sent to the bot at all.

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    My hunter just had a trip to GM island... and we can imagine how that went down,

    the GM- honestly had the question " why did you melee on your hunter..."

    didn't have the guts to say... "eh it bugs out kinda at range".

    Hunters done, im sticking to rogues / shamans / paladins / warrior.

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