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  • Vanilla, Rogue not facing mobs.

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    Hello guys,

    in the past two days or so my toon died over and over because it won't properly face mobs. It is a Level 22 Rogue on a Vanilla Server and I am using:

    Wrobot - Vanilla Questing profile 1-60 (Horde)[PAID]

    iEquip - Vanilla WRobot Autoequip Plugin for Vanilla WoW[PAID]

    Lbniese Rogue - Wrobot Rogue Fightclass (Vanilla, TBC)[PAID]

    and [Multi-Expansion] AFKing and Humanizing Plugin[PAID] but disabled due to testing.




    It happens nearly 100% of the time.
    This video and Log was made after a fresh installation and WRobot and all plugins were downloaded just minutes before making the video.

    16 Dez 2017 03H55.log.html

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    1 hour ago, Matenia said:

    It's either your fightclass or your graphic settings.
    Enable CTM, force WoW to 60 hz. Enable vsync for 60 fps. 

    oh yeah. I am playing on a 144hz monitor with vsync enabled. reset the game settings as you both suggested and it worked. No CTM needed! Thanks

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