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  • WoW Always Crashes After 1-2 Hours

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    Have any thoughts on why WoW and WRobot lock up randomly (WoW crashes and I have to restart WoW + WRobot to get it running again)?

    [F] 20:50:23 - [Spell] Cast Slice and Dice (Slice and Dice)
    [E] 20:50:41 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped.
    [5+ minutes of the above error repeating]
    [E] 20:59:25 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen

    This happens to me every 1-2 hours spent in-game running a profile without fail. I have yet to run a profile for more than ~2.5 hours since buying WRobot.


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    Not sure why the form wouldn't let me remove that image; please disregard it as that was from a previous "bug" I was going to report before I found out my conditionals were the problem with a Fight Class.

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