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About This File

Tag ‘n Bag Plugin


All credits for original plugin 'PartyHelperPlugin' go to Matenia. This is a modification of that plugin 😀.

This plugin will allow you to grind/quest/play on one character and have another (ideally higher level) character(s) follow you around and kill stuff for you after you've tagged it. The benefit being that you get to keep all of the XP and loot on your leveling char 🙂 

It works essentially the same as PartyHelperPlugin except that it does not invite the followers.

It must be run on all bots you would like to assist you as well as the leader bot. Enter all follower bot names in the 'Followers' setting and set the 'Is Leader' setting to true on one bot only, the one that you want the followers to assist. Followers will automatically assist the leader.

NOTE: Just like PartyHelperPlugin, the followers will not do quests, only the leader will (If it is running a quester profile).

Leader must run Quester, Grinder, Gatherer. Others may work as well (such as WRotation).

Followers must run Party/WRotation.

Group regeneration is the only feature (that I know of) which does not work yet.

As far as I know, group training (when one bot goes to train, all of them go), and group ToTown does work.

Technically will support as many followers/slaves as you want, although I'm sure there are problems with that.

This plugin has not been thoroughly tested whatsoever, so it's possible that some things are not working as intended.

This plugin as it stands will clog up your ability to speak in General, Trade etc. or any other channel, as it uses a private unique channel to relay information between bots. (You will not see the communication between the bots on your chat frame unless you manually add the channel to it.) This system is possibly unsafe, so use at your own risk. I can release a version that uses /whisper instead (which will clog up your chat frame) if there is demand for it.

Will not work with HumanMasterPlugin (bots refuse to attack tagged mobs) or any FightClass that stops the bot from attacking taggged mobs.

I have included a few basic FightClasses that will work with this plugin.

This is my first plugin, so feedback on bugs/code/features is appreciated.

I may update this as I see it as a learning experience, I also would like to see GroupRegen working.

Feel free to do whatever you want with the source. This was a quickly put together project over the last couple of days and I consider it to be slightly unfinished (namely the GroupRegen feature not working).

You may contact me on here or at RADON#2926 on discord.




  • 'Channel' and 'password' setting MUST BE USED and MUST BE THE SAME ON ALL BOTS! Password is optional but if one bot has it, all of them need it. If not, the bot will not work. Description of that is in settings.


  • Recommended that on first run, you start the leader bot a few seconds before the followers so it has a chance to create the channel (or else a follower will end up being the owner of the channel)


  • It is also recommended that you sync all settings so they are the same on every bot you're running. 'Followers' must be the same on every client as well.




  • TagBagPlugin folder contains source.
  • TagBagPlugin.dll is the plugin. (in Plugins folder)
  • FightClasses are (you guessed it!) in the FightClass folder :^)


Known Bugs

  • Healer mode seems to have some issues that I will address in the next update: occasionally won't heal, and it only heals the leader & not other followers.
  • Occasionally the communication channel is not visible to certain followers. Seems to be a character-specific issue and I have only seen it happen once.


Future Features

  • Group regeneration
  • In-game commands/macros (ex. command certain follower to attack mob, command healer to heal me, etc.)
  • Open to suggestions 🙂


Enjoy 🙂


What's New in Version 1.0.0a


Added warning that stops product if channel is not specified in settings

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