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How to Setup WRobot with Tauri (Step-by-step guide)

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Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since I have used WRobot, but just recently I purchased another annual license
and this time I wanted to try Tauri private server that I have seen so much hype about. I finished the 28GB
download last night and I thought I would make a post here to see if I can assist people with the dreaded 
WoW Client 64bit error.


Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Go to Tauri downloads here. I downloaded the Tauri Client and installed MoP to the default directory provided.
(If you already have the game installed, skip this step if you want)



2. Scroll down to "Download via torrent"
3. Click MoP ( using your favorite torrent client



4. Only check Wow-64.exe (19.9MB) and Wow.exe (12.5MB) from the "Torrent Contents" list



5. Open the game's install directory



6. Copy the downloaded torrent files into the directory



7. Rename the 64 bit executables



8. Launch Wow.exe (I suggest Run as Administrator)
9. Launch WRobot and make sure you downloaded the correct version



Hopefully, this will help you out.

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4 minutes ago, arkhan said:

is this can avoid to be banned or marked as WRobot user?

I have been working on my plugin for this version for a few hours last night, and have been testing it out for quite a while today. I haven't had any problems so far.

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Update on Tauri! Once I hit level 10, I received an immediate message in yellow text about WRobot with a 20 second forced logout. I logged in again, and ran WRobot. The same thing happened for the second time, but this time, I was unable to log in. They closed my account.


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