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Stop Bot on Teleport

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@Droidz Could you add this function to the bot?
Having the game close onTeleport is instant ban on all private servers because it is a dead giveaway that you're botting.

Instead having the bot stop/pause when teleported, add a 5 second delay and then send a message with squares (as if you're russian or chinese) will improve chances of not getting banned.
However small a margin, we should always strive to improve our odds.

Having the option to decide what action to take on each bot security option would be a great addition! (Stop, Close, Pause, Send Message, whatever)

Kind regards, Z.

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Hey dude, I cincerely appreciate you taking time to help the community, but I'm unsure if you simply misunderstood me or didn't read all of my previous post.
"Close bot" also closes WoW.exe which makes you sit and logout, it's a dead giveaway to GM's which will just ban you on the spot.
If you turn it off, your character "presumably" will wander around in whichever area the GM teleported you to, which in turn will show that you're not /AFK.
(Trying to move to the bot location)

That in turn removes the option to play dumb or simply tell the GM that you were AFK. GM's generally dont follow players around, they read a report stating that the character is botting, teleports the target to a selected area, watch the characters actions, whisper and then decide if they smite with the banhammer or teleport them back to where they were.

I could be wrong, but I've botted on another game called Tibia and those bots had options if you were to be teleported; Close, Stop, Say etc.
Common sense, experience and basic human logic tells me this is the action with most % probability a GM will take on each report of botting.
(We're inherently lazy creatures, which is why we invent things to make tasks easier to complete)

So many times has it saved my ass in that game when the bot simply stopped and my character looked to be AFK. I get 30~ seconds to get my ass to the computer, respond to whatever the GM asks me and then sent on my way to continue on. There were even times when the GM would simply leave because being AFK was not a crime and without evidence he didn't felt like wasting his time.

My previous post states that "Close bot" is not efficient enough for this very reason, more options could and should be added to further improve the user's odds.
However small % increase to botting success, we should always strive to increase those %.

Afterall this is why we're all here in the first place.

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Yeah also got a ban on my fishing bot on northale.. bot was runnin on my 2. monitor and i played some Rocket league games on my main screen.. then i got teleportet and i tried to hit the stop button as fast as possible but char was still runnin 2 sec. or somethin agains a wall after teleport.. 

i turned that close bot if teleportet off because it also logout game and i also think thats deadly if u are already teleportet..

so i think the option to just stop bot if teleportet would be a good start..

also maybe if u can save some words wich /say after teleport would be next level..

but i would rly like just that /stop wrobot solution ?



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