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Stop force targeting

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Good day. As always, sorry in advance for my english. Hope it will be readable.

I'm using group right now, with a quester product (all group members are at quester product). Everything seems fine except for a healer. Out of combat he is healing fine, but when my group engage combat with a group of mobs, healer is trying to target one of the mobs and fight him. He is not running to the mob, or cast any spells at the mob, because my fight class don't let him, but he is constantley targeting mobs. And when he is targeting mobs, he is not healing the tank.

It looks like this: Healer targets tank to heal him, then instantly targets mob, starts healing spell, heal himself (because his target is a mob, not a tank), targets tank again, instantly after that targets mob again and repeat everything. As a result, tank dies, and then all group also dies.

So i'm looking for solution. There was two ideas:

1) To heal without targeting (with CastSpellByName lua), but it's not working in vanilla, it seems. Or i can't make it work for some reason. Even if i just type ingame:
/script CastSpellByName("spellName", "target"); It's starts spell, but not casting it on the target. No matter what target is, "partyN" or just a group member name. Maybe i'm using it wrong?

2) Stop healer "auto targeting hostile targets" from within fight class. Then he will be able to cast spells at group members. But again, i have no idea how to stop wrobot autotargeting during combat function. I have searched for any "It's a healer" functionality from a party bot, but haven't find any

First method is of course preferable, but second one will also do the thing. Any ideas, or correct lua function instead of mine, or just help are much appreciated. Thank you.



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My fightclass does not engage by itself, it's just scan group members, and check their conditions, if they need a buff or heal, it targets that group member, and heals / buffs him. No offensive spells or routine. But after the first heal is casted at any party member who is in combat, healer also enters the combat and wrobot starts to target random mob.

Yeah, i've seen your plugin, but it uses party mode for a follower (healer) wich is, if i'm remember right, works not same as a quester and not targeting random mobe if he is in combat, right? I might be wrong, used it only for a short time long ago.

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