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Hearthstone Every 60 Min


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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the community and to botting and having lots of fun setting up efficient profiles! I have a very limited knowledge of code.

I would like to add functionality to my profile that makes the bot Hearthstone on cool-down (every 60 min (TBC Server)) and sell items, mail, buy food/drink/ammo.

Is this possible? Thanks, and I look forward to sharing my finished profiles free with the community!

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15 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, easy way is to use product "Schedule"

Thanks for your reply!

So would I then run scheduler to run Custom Code after 60 mins, and then in that code I somehow program the bot to hearth, sell items, buy ammo, repair, and then switch back to the Quester profile.


I have basic knowledge of coding but no clue how to do this, do you have some API Docs I can look at or sample custom codes to I can try to write this function?

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