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Still Having Massive Front / Back Detection Issues


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Not sure why this persists but it does.


Testing a full Siege run now, sometimes I can be anywhere behind a boss and it uses 'Sinister Strike' (Hemo for Sub), even though I have this C Sharp Code attached to the ability: -

(System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) > 1.57f)

The same goes for every ability from behind, so all my Backstab / Ambush and even Shadow Dance / Vanish: -

(System.Math.Abs(ObjectManager.Me.Rotation - ObjectManager.Target.Rotation) < 1.57f)

From a previous thread Droidz also told me about the following code, which I have also placed on my Backstab ability: -

wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.IsFacing(ObjectManager.Me.Position, ObjectManager.Me.Rotation, ObjectManager.Target.Position, 1.57f)

I'm not sure why but it just isn't reliable at all and is basically destroying my profile. Each boss, model size / shape seems to have different ideas of what 'behind' and 'in front' seem to be.




If you have a sub rogue feel free to test the profile from fight class download section. It works perfectly on a dummy but in a raid it's horrible.

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Thats the reason, why i use the minimal solution: Shadow Step. I can be sure to be behind the target.


except (the only bads):


- you are stealth

- AND a lowlevel Mob find you, attack you, and dont make damage

- AND the script try shadow step to get behind the mob for Ambush


In this case you will never behind the Mob because it turns as fast as you. :-)

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I can't really do that for an effective Subtlety profile though.


It seems perhaps the bot is just slow in regards to positioning? If so I doubt there's any point continuing with the subtlety profile because 99% of everything you do is behind the target and it needs to detect the entire area behind not just within a 5 degree angle (random example), and it can't only be 'shadowstep behind' either. I'm talking about 180 degrees behind the target that it's failing to pick up on numerous occasions.


Sad times.


We could really use better detection for behind / infront. Even if the calculations are correct they simply don't work properly which is a real shame because the rest of the fight class design is fantastic.

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Thanks, does this fix any of the issues with the C Sharp Code that you gave me though? Because I used it if you remember via your calculations but was still having issues. Won't 'Is Behind' just use that code and still have issues or?

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