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Attacking creatures at 40-50% HP

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I'll check that percentage but I'm a rogue and have no self heal. I don't want to rely on making 10000 bandages before I leave my house.

The problem is that with all these payed profiles im testing - my rogue just kills a mob and has like 45-50% hp and goes right into attacking a bear which obviously kills the NPC. I'm trying to avoid the 10 deaths per hour average I'm getting.

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HMP if u search bar is a plugin  that goes to the vendor and buys food in all zones.  Only other option is u buy mad stacks of food and type the food name in the food eat % box and ur toon will eat when u get blow that % so he doesn't go into battle at 35% like its set too.  with newbie lowbie rogue set it to like 65% hp or even 70 to baby it.

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On 7/15/2019 at 9:53 AM, tonycali said:

in general options set Food % at 60 - 80%  and will always eat or if u can heal click spell box and add spell name and will heal when ur at that % set.


I cannot find this option on wrobot general settings, it is automatically by now or something?

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