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Trouble with bot's constantly running to town.

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Hey so I started running 3 bot client's with feral druids a couple of days ago and im having some issues with 2/3 of them constantly running to town to sell/repair.

So all 3 of the bots are running the exact same profile, fightclass and wrobot settings. I made some quick simple grinding profiles with the addition of a repair vendor and a normal vendor for selling. One of the bot is doing great just trucking along as normal, killing mobs filling up his bags then going back to town to repair and sell when the bags are full.

The 2nd one is a bit worse, sometime he fills up half of his inventory then selling and sometime going to town after just 3-8 mobs killed.

The 3rd one is completely wack, going to town after just 1-2 kills (think after the first item he loots), then going back to kill a mob or two then back to town again and the loop continues. 

Only way I have managed to fix this so far is if I turn off repair/selling. 

Anyone else had the same issue before?


EDIT: Have no addons installed on this tbc client, tried to swap profile's but the issue persists.

LogBot1.log.html LogBot2.html LogBot3.html

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Hey I tried a diffrent fightclass and everything seems to be fixed now, didn't think to try another one before since one of the bots was doing so great but I guess that was pure luck, All looks great now and this FC doesn't have that nasty runMacro Mangle debug thingy either so im a happy camper atm!

thanks for quick help.

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Hey again... seems its not fixed after all. Bot 1 and 2 are doing fine now I believe but bot 3 is still not even filling up his original backpack before going back to town. attaching logs.

EDIT: Gonna clear logs and reupload.


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