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  1. This is it! Had swapped profile without realizing it, thanks a lot @Droidz. Sorry for the silly mistake.
  2. My bot is refuses to empty his bag space and repair his gear. What I tried so far without success: Disabled all addons and plugins Changed city so he is closer to different NPC's Deleted all saved data on the character inside the wrobot folder. Reinstalled wrobot Switched fightclass profiles Im running Ogush paid profile in the log underneath. 28 Dec 2020 12H33.log.html
  3. My relogger doesn't load in any profiles and I when accessing the general profile I cannot interact with the windows to set a new wow path. Tried reinstalling Wrobot without success. Anyone experienced a similar issue? Best, 14 Dec 2020 09H08.log.html
  4. Anyone have a good solve for endless DC's? My wrobot never succeed to log back with the built in relogger...
  5. Great plugin how ever it pauses and starts wrobot on a rapid loop. Think something is wrong in the code.
  6. I suspect you are right. Disabled my auto select food/drink plugin and the bot seemed to run alright after that. Will keep you posted if the problem comes back.
  7. Did this ever get resolved? Having massive issue with the same thing. Have done wrobot repair, changed profiles. Nothing helps 2 Mar 2020 23H52.log.html
  8. I am super new to this coding and trying to make this work but can't really. What is it that I am doing wrong? Trying to apply Curse of Agony and Corruption to several targets. PVP Warlock test dott.xml
  9. Lokem what code did you end up with? Presumed you eventually manage to fix it.
    Didn't try out the berserk stance quest but def stance, worked perfectly.
  10. Watched your video where you refers to this profile when creating a dungeon profile. How does one do when running on a TBC version? The pulse never finish the complete section: return (wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.LuaDoString("local _, _, numCriteria = C_Scenario.GetStepInfo(); if not numCriteria or numCriteria == 0 then completedObj = 'true'; return; end; local critID; _, _, completedObj,_,_,_,_,_,critID = C_Scenario.GetCriteriaInfo(1); ", "completedObj").ToLower() == "true"); -Can never get set since the boss progression bar doesnt exist on old burning crusade
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