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Since i'm using HMP to buy food water, and since Wotlk Navigation is stupid between Borean - Howling, bot forces to vendor run from borean - hownling, i cant intercept it in profile to make my own followpath cause hmp takes all the actions while food/water < amount. So the only way i could make is Blacklisting zones, so he generate another path, didnt work, bot ignores blackspots and swimming, getting all the Icebergs on his own, swimming in walls. So it's more about broken navigation, or about broken blackspots. And the funny thing is, He's generating path through the center of first Blackspot, for some reason

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Why does it choose vendors so far away?
With the latest patches for HMP, it should definitely select the correct stuff.

This is the list for Northrend 

private static Dictionary<int, List<uint>> NorthrendFood = new Dictionary<int, List<uint>>
        { 65, new List<uint>{ 33451, 33454, 33449, 33452, 33443, 35949 } }, // Clefthoof Ribs
        { 75, new List<uint>{ 35953, 35951, 35952, 35948, 35950 } }, // Mead Basted Caribouh
        { 85, new List<uint>{ 35953, 35951, 35952, 35948, 35950 } },
private static Dictionary<int, uint> NorthrendWater = new Dictionary<int, uint>
        { 60, 28399 }, // Filtered Draenic Water
        { 65, 35954 }, // Goat's Milk
        { 70, 33444 }, // Pungen Seal Whey
        { 75, 33445 }, //Honeymint Tea
        { 85, 33445 }, //Honeymint Tea

Am I missing something?

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