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[Solved] wow error 132 0x80000004 (SINGLE_STEP) at 0023:6B56279F


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I use wrobot for Wotlk.

Hi help me please, I get an error when the Relogger closes the wrobot window for the latest updates.


ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
Program:    Q:\wowtest\Wow.exe
Exception:    0x80000004 (SINGLE_STEP) at 0023:6B56279F




the old version is working fine

I didn’t see anyone else write about this problem on the forum, but I tested on different computers, and on all the latest version gives an error

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1 minute ago, pudge said:

I used clients from warmane, wowcircle, dalaran-wow.... and getting errors all the time....

Where did you download the client from?

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1 hour ago, pudge said:

I was wrong, the error is not in the relogger.... wow crashes when wrobot.exe detaches from wow.exe, i think the bug in attaching-detaching...

Try using another wrobot exe

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Logs are empty.... because this is not wrobot crash, this is wow crash each time when wrobot process is forcedly terminated by relogger or task manager or this code System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().Kill();

Here is what I noticed now: whan i launch wrobot.exe by default way (with dx) - i have 100% wow crash when killing wrobot process, when i launch wrobot.exe no dx hook - i have no crashes.... what this mean?...?


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