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  1. Buy it and find out. I have no clue who this guy is but would be funny for someone to pay for a virus.
  2. Just message me on here, I’ll help you .
  3. You live in the US? If so I’ll send you a free pizza coupon!
  4. This sounds like a fix to the problem.
  5. No, your a idiot who should keep there mouth out of business that’s does not have anything to do with them. Oh here proof of the pizza !
  6. Personally i dislike fightclass editor, if you want tomorrow when i help you, i can teach you to use VS instead of fightlclasses editor.
  7. Smokie

    Vehicle options

    @Droidz any update?
  8. Hello, I havent worked on this project in a few months but i will put in atleast 5 hours weekly to this project to keep it alive if more people want it. What kind of client are you using ? english?
  9. TAURI has developers that can do real coding unlike others, from what I’ve heard. (Never played there.) if Droidz is working on a bypass, he gonna need a lot of time because TAURI wow turns warden on and off like a dog in heat.
  10. Smokie

    Happy new year 2020 🎉

    HAPPY NEW YEAR DROIDZz! Remember. Don’t drink the coolaid
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