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  1. Using old profiles get you banned.
  2. Ps : you can easily make a grinder or quester for outlands in under a hour in areas where other alliance and horde do not go to. so it saves you a ban, just think out side of the box.
  3. Honestly i would use my DK profile, (warmane donor account.) make 10 dks and level each to 70 and get all alchemy up to 425 on all, (i can make profile for you if you wish when i get time.) and just make gems / sell them, 1 epic is 200 so 10 * 5 = 50 gems, 50 * 200 per = 10k per day * 30 = 300k per month * 12 = 3.6m per month, No ban or anything, (abusing the game as is, not using farm bot and you can config @Droidz relogger to log each other account and toon to make a gem and put into a gbank with only one click. this is your best bet for save gold no ban.
  4. I know this post is from 2017 but i thought this may help GetItemInfo(itemID or "itemString" or "itemName" or "itemLink") Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("if GetItemCooldown('Hearthstone') == 0 then return true else return false end") you can use this method also Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("if GetItemCooldown("+"Hearthstone"+") == 0 then return true else return false end") it works within a string. tested
  5. That question doesn’t work very well with wrobot.
  6. Smokie

    repeatable quests bug

    @Droidz Any update on this bug?
  7. Smokie

    repeatable quests bug

    I’ve tried that.
  8. I used new Thread(() => { robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStop(); Thread.Sleep(1000); robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStart(); }).Start();
  9. Not completely random, people can set the amount of time they would like, if you want to use a good random Timer i would use something like this. Random random = new Random(); int randomNumber = random.Next(0, 100); randomNumber.ToString();
  10. Smokie

    repeatable quests bug

    i found a fix but it would be awesome if you could look into this problem, I had to use : new Thread(() => { robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStop(); Thread.Sleep(1000); robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStart(); }).Start();
  11. Smokie

    repeatable quests bug

    Hello @Droidz, i am getting this problem where the quest will not repeat when i make the setting true. i dont know whats wrong with it. Winderspring.xml
  12. Smokie

    Rolling Suggestion

    Hello @Droidz Can we get a scrolling bar in custom scripts inside the Quest Editor? would be nice tbh.
  13. Update Hearthstone code : Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("if GetItemCooldown(6948) == 0 then return true else return false end")
  14. No, You can not. there is settings in the profile that has level requirements. if you do use this for loremaster, use quest editor and change the leveling Requirements.
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