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  1. these settings are in advanced settings > Food/Drink.
  2. Please contact our customer support.
  3. Smokie

    [Suggestion] spell

    Yes, so everything is different log lines and it’s faster to find problems to fix.
  4. Smokie

    [Suggestion] spell

    Yes, but change it from pink to say green and have its own option like normal is black.
  5. Doesnt work, Ive tried it. doesnt work very well.
  6. Today while i re-download the wow client from there website, i found out there wow.exe is modified, i have some normal stuff java script i inject to help remove some stuff and it was causing a error saying "Wrong wow.exe" but once i download the Exe file from another server it works, kinda confused tbh. i do not know if it effects bot hooks but i thought it might be a good idea to let people know. unmod client : https://mega.nz/#F!qZZDEKSL!sgHakKcCNcuA7pXjxCOUGw
  7. Hey, i am trying to build a quester custom code to load settings while in quest state for people to be able to change them but i am having a hard time, i dont understand where i am doing wrong, any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks. Lua.LuaDoString(string.Format(@" local X = CreateFrame('Button', 'MyButton', UIParent, 'UIPanelButtonTemplate') X: SetSize(80, 22)-- width, height X: SetText('Button!') X: SetPoint('CENTER') X: SetScript('OnClick', function() " + Settings.CurrentSetting.ToForm(); + "end"));
  8. Smokie

    [BUG] disconnect,

    Update : Warmane fix this problem, kinda sad it took them weeks
  9. Click on delete all, they will turn blue, to deactivate a quest click on it to be white. blue = active white = not active.
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