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Performance is terrible?


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Hello everyone, i hope, since this is my first real post, i don't ask a severly dumb question.

So i downloaded WRobot for WOTLK, patch 3.3.5a, so far so good, the Options don't seem too complicated.

I downloaded some Fight classes to test (Pala, DK, Hunter) and also that AiO (all classes for wotlk).

I mainly play Ret pal and UH dk, but the performance of ANY FightClass is horrendous so far - almost feels like a Pixel Bot. (Please don't tell me WRobot is using Pixels instead of LUA, i really don't know)

The spells are pressed slow, the combat in PvP is no fun at all, since my retri doesn't really cater to the situation.
For example - you get slowed and want to reach an enemy 1v1 - The HoF cast get's through at about 4 seconds left on the slow duration. 

I don't know if this is enough to somewhat pinpoint what i'm doing wrong.

My first rule, always assume that you "me in that case" are the error.

So all in all, what do i need to do, to get a decent Fight Class going.

(Also tried PvP on an 80 instant server, where everyone has the same Gear, and i get absolutely wrecked)

Thank you all for reading so far, and i will appreciate every tip to point out to my personal failure.

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It uses Lua. Which means you need a really high framerate to make shit happen. And generally a good machine if you want to cheat in PvP.

None of them are PvP fightclasses anyway. There are no rotations for cheating here.

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Thank you Matenia for answering that quickly. I have a quite decent Machine i'd say with Ryzen 1700x and a 1080ti from Zotac.

What do you mean by "There are no rotations for cheating here"?

And the rotation Ret Pal Rotation from ScripterQQ is designed for PvP as far as i understood  

But i might try putting down settings for maximum FPS.

Cheers Matenia

PS: with PQR i actually get very decent results - for whatever reason. But it gets me banned really quick ^^


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That's a fightclass to be used with battlegrounder. And that one in particular is extremely unperformant. 
PQR works differently, it injects a module directly into the client and unlocks Lua. 

WRobot is out of process

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1 hour ago, Zampadudel said:

Would you by any chance know of any Ret Paladin rotation that would perform decent in an PVE environment with WRobot?

Thank you for your answers so far.

I have one if you message your discord nane

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The AIO works smooth in the PVE environment. You have to be more clear what you want, and btw. I have no stuttering or slow choosing problems, so maybe the Problem is on your end? Maybe some used addons or something similar?

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Everytime the bot chooses an attack and the GCD comes on - as soon as the GCD run's out it waits almost a whole second before performing any other action. It just seems terribly slow.

Maybe i have issues in the setup of the bot itself or smth else?

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