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hey when I bot herb on my druid after it successfully gathers the herb is pauses dismounts and then birdform flys away, screams bot. 

how do i make it just fly onto the next herb without dismounting?


18:12:36 - [Farming] Farm Tiger Lily > 5501.91 ; 5499.87 ; -99.9575 ; "None"
18:12:46 - [Farming] Farm successful
18:12:46 - [Mount] Dismount
18:12:46 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount flight form

is the logs and there was no other mobs around no combat nothing and ever time dismouints and then remounts i have no plug ins for wrobot and ive tested multiple fight classes all do the same.

22 May 2020 17H36.log.html

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