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What Products/Profiles/Addons should I use in order to

1) Loot all herbs from mail attachements till I have 3 empty slots left in inventory

2) Mill those herbs

3) Create ink

3) Run to a specific vendor. Buy items from it so that it matches the amount of Ink for a specific craft

4) Craft 

5) Send created items via mail to another character

Go to step 1 and repeat untill mailbox is empty

Thanks in advance!

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Well, once you buy a wRobot license I'm sure someone will be willing to help.

But this is very specific and probably can't be done just with existing plugins. You'd need to modify existing code, especially for requirements as specific as only picking up mail items until the bags are almost full. "Craft" is also not very specific at all. 

Basically you want a whole profession automated from 1-450? Good luck.

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I tried to write a general description, but to be more specific I am playing on a cataclysm server and receiving a huge amount of herbs that I have to mill, create ink out of it then buy hundreds of Resilient Parchment maching the number of ink, then craft Fortune Cards, send it to a bank account, repeat. Was wondering if it's possible to do with WRobot. I don't need profession automated 1-450 just to make it clear.

Not sure I understood the "once you buy a wRobot license I'm sure someone will be willing to help". Is there a personalized support that will help me once I buy the license?

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You can probably do it with Quester profile (or Custom profile). But you need very good knowledge of WRobot and its C# API (and Wow lua).

You haven't subscription active on your account. It is strange to need this type of profile with trial version (time limitation of trial version is too short)

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