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Blackspots for chain profiles

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Hello, so i'm using profile loader, and noticed that for example if you have blackspots in profile Number2, and load it from profile Number1, all blackspots arent here, he's loading them from profile Number1 only, the question is, is there a way to load blackspots from new loaded profile, or i need to get all blackspots from all chained profiles and put them in autoloader one? Ty

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1 hour ago, Droidz said:

Hi, with quester profile?

Yes, quester profiles
Hm. just checked again, now it works, after he load profile 2 he load blackspots, dont know what could delete blackspots, probably plugins

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9 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Yes I also looked the code and did some tests I was going to tell you that I cannot reproduce this problem.

I think i understand why it happened, for example i use around 15 profiles in chain til lvl 70, when i bot with pauses bot ofc will relog for some time, and after he login back in game, on lvl 60+ for example, he's loading my profiles in chain, but if he need to repair/sell items, he will run to vendor before he load profile with blackspots for current zone, Ty for help, anyway

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