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Kill mobs that in range, until there are no units left

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Hello, is there any easy way to tell bot run to a specific place, for example followpath1 , Grind mobs that are in range you set (wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SearchRadius = 50;)
And use IsComplete condition something like there are no mobs left in that spot. so i can use another followpath and run to another spot to grind mobs.

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no tested but you can try code like this:

using System.Collections.Generic;
using robotManager.Helpful;
using wManager.Wow.Bot.States;
using wManager.Wow.Class;
using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager;

public class QuestGrindingNearestMobs : QuestClass
    public Vector3 HotSpots = new Vector3(1, 2, 3);
    public float RadiusGrinderZone = 50;
    public string NameQuest = "QuestGrindingNearestMobs";

    private wManager.Wow.Bot.States.GrindingNearestMobs _grinder;
    private wManager.Wow.Bot.States.MovementLoop _movement;

    public QuestGrindingNearestMobs()
        _grinder = new wManager.Wow.Bot.States.GrindingNearestMobs { Priority = 2, CenterGinderZone = HotSpots, RadiusGrinderZone = RadiusGrinderZone };
        _movement = new wManager.Wow.Bot.States.MovementLoop { PathLoop = new List<Vector3>() { HotSpots } };
        Name = NameQuest;

    public override bool Pulse()
        Logging.Status = "Quester > Grinder nearest mobs for \"" + Name + "\"";

        if (_grinder.NeedToRun)
        else if (_movement.NeedToRun)

        return true;

    public override bool IsComplete()
        return !_grinder.NeedToRun && ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo(HotSpots) <= RadiusGrinderZone;

    public override bool HasQuest()
        return !IsComplete();


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[E] 17:00:54.044 - Compilator Error :
c:\WRobotTBC\Data\temp\du5kpjxc.0.cs(30,34) : error CS1513: ожидалась }
c:\WRobotTBC\Data\temp\du5kpjxc.0.cs(73,1) : error CS1022: Ожидалось определение типа или пространства имен, либо признак конца файла

Where to check whats wrong, cause i dont have any files in my temp folder named du5kpjxc etc : ) I'm kinda far from programming,

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