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Help! I can't force the bot to use the spell!

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Yes, but why does everything else work? I checked the English version of the client - it also does not work. He doesn't use spells...... Apparently, the conditions do not work correctly, if you delete the conditions, it uses the form, but it uses it constantly, back and forth. This is clearly a program error. The priest has exactly the same problem.


Balance Druid.xml 24 июн 2021 02H40.log.html

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Yes, where are my manners!?))) Hi!  I will post the results in a text file. With and without a form. I understand that even without the form, the bot sees another aura with the same name and therefore does not cast it, since it is already present.How to make a condition by spell id? true/false 





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In general, everything has become even worse-now the bot does not see many active buffs such as  Lunar Empowerment, Solar Empowerment. Now I understand why when adding conditions for example on Solar Empowerment Bigger Or Equal 1, the bot stopped using Solar Wrath. For some reason, he does not see buffs on the player. I rebooted the game, the bot, the computer, nothing helps. He stopped seeing active buffs (what's under the player icon) This happened after I added the conditions for SolarWrath and Lunar Strike.

Balance Druid.xml

25 июн 2021 02H02.log.html


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This is an incomprehensible solution for me. The bot does not see the player's buffs, which makes rotation illogical and ineffective. It is also unclear what to do with the form.


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what helped him?
I have the same problem
The suggested options don't work

Worked at level 30
Then I went to bed
Woke up. The druid got to 59. Found that the form did not work

BFA 8.3

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