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Rotation Bot needs updating (my suggestion)


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Hello Droidz. First of all I would like to thank you for our fantastic work with WRobot, it's great and the community here small but help full and great full :) I'm writing this post because i think we could easily upgrade rotation bot and increase DPS for each class. Currently we are only limited to one rotation that is simply based on FightClass and if we want to change it we need to stop the ot choose different and then start again which is ok but not really efficient for complicated rotations and serious DPS. As everybody knows you can't just use one rotation all the time if you want to max out DPS with your character, there are different rotations that need to be performed in order to achieve that. I will explain using my Arcane Mage build. Currently i only have one rotation with few conditions to use all my skills but it would be absolutely AWESOME if we could use more rotations as part of one BIG rotation and easily switch them during a fight, what do I mean? Let's say on my mage, if i play manually have 4 phases that come together into one rotation, there is:


1. Opening phase

2. Conserve phase

3. Burning phase

4. Cooldown phase


And currently it's absolutely impossible to program bot that way to achieve that as we only have one big rotation. What I suggest is to create a new let's say Raid / Dungeon Rotation Bot where we can add in order let's say 5 rotations and easily switch them on the go by using key short-cuts or set conditions to more to another rotation step, for example ALT+1, ALT+2, ALT+3, ALT+4, ALT+5. With a bot like that i can simply decide that my opening phase has finished and press ALT+2 to move to conserve rotation and then ALT+3 to do my burning rotation an after it's finished ALT+4 to start my cooldown phase and then back to ALT+2 to repeat or even better simply set conditions like:


If skill Evocation is on cooldown keep using conserve phase, then Evocations skill is ready so bot is moving to burning phase where is using rotation to max ut dps and burn all mana and when mana is at 10% use Evocation skill and move to cooldown phase.


I know it sounds complicated but its not all we need is another version of rotation bot, where we can add and easily switch rotations without leaving game and stopping the bot and conditions to use different rotations in order. Please tell me what you think, am sure that people would love that possibility,

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I'll not add this feature in WRobot.
If you create your fightclass in C# or VB, you can do almost anything you want (but you need know base in C# .net or VB.net).
With normal creator (Fightclasses creator), you can use wow macro (tell me if you don't understand how this works).
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Don't have time to learn how to program, am too busy with work and WoW macro is not what I'm looking for. I will do some research about different rotation bots, maybe somebody already did it. Thanks.

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1 - In game, create macros:


Name: OpeningPhase

/run if OpeningPhase == 1 then OpeningPhase = 0; print("Opening phase desactivated") else OpeningPhase = 1; print("Opening phase activated") end

Name: ConservePhase

/run if ConservePhase == 1 then ConservePhase = 0; print("Conserve phase desactivated") else ConservePhase = 1; print("Conserve phase activated") end

Name: BurningPhase

/run if BurningPhase == 1 then BurningPhase = 0; print("Burning phase desactivated") else BurningPhase = 1; print("Burning phase activated") end

Name: CooldownPhase

/run if CooldownPhase == 1 then CooldownPhase = 0; print("Cooldown phase desactivated") else CooldownPhase = 1; print("Cooldown phase activated") end

Name: DisableAll

/run OpeningPhase = 0; ConservePhase = 0; BurningPhase = 0; CooldownPhase = 0; print("All phases desactivated");
Name: ActiveAll
/run OpeningPhase = 1; ConservePhase = 1; BurningPhase = 1; CooldownPhase = 1; print("All phases activated");

and put is in your action bar like this: post-1-0-06045700-1436781326_thumb.png


2 - In your fightclass, add condition "Lua Script" by spell:


In "Return value research" put


In "Return value var" put:


In "Lua script" put:


- For spells Opening phase:

phaseActive = OpeningPhase == 1;


- For spells Conserve phase:

phaseActive = ConservePhase == 1;

- For spells Burning phase:

phaseActive = BurningPhase == 1;

- For spells Cooldown phase:

phaseActive = CooldownPhase == 1;

3 - Sample: testtest.xml

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I persume all the changes need to be done in one fightclass file but what if a spell lets say Arcane Blast is a part of all these phases and some of these skills are only used in one phase lets say burn phase.

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You can put in "Lua script":

phaseActive = BurningPhase == 1 or CooldownPhase == 1 or ConversePhase == 1;

(this condition return true if is in burning or cooldown or converse phase)

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