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Lately I've noticed that when using the party product, it doesn't behave right. Currently I'm using it on 3 characters; 2 melee and 1 caster. The caster doesn't seen to want to help out the party leader (or whoever is doing the fighting/pulling) until i manually make it cast a spell on that mob. It seems to target it just fine (may be auto targeting because it receives damage?), but that's it. Once I cast that first spell, it will go through its normal rotation. Very annoying. 


Also, it seems the party leader will randomly leave behind a group member in combat fighting with something, and not go help. 


Should I post the logs from all 3 or what?



Edit: Helping group members is checked, Start fighting with Elite is checked; healer is off

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Check attack enemy already in fight?

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Did this already




If you can wait next update and tell me if problem is resolved.


Got update, will test Soon™

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