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Auction bot bug or not developed yet?

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Hey, enjoyed the bot with the grinding/farming options, making your own profiles is so easy and user friendly, props for that!

I now would like to discover using the auction bot but I came across this error every time I try to select "Auction" and go into it's options:


Is this a bug for me only or is it not developed for use yet?


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5 hours ago, Dalaga said:

Hey, i'm still getting an error when selecting "auction" and going into product settings:



Thanks for trying to resolve the issue!

It should be 100% working now, i am using it at the moment. But its not worth on my server. just 2000+ Players.

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On 27/1/2016 at 5:30 PM, Dalaga said:

Doesn't work for me. Is it a problem on my end then?

Hello, try to remove all files that start by "Auction-*******.xml" in "WRobot Wotlk\Settings"

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