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Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery

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I dunno if this  right area to post but stumped for word on that quest it has 2 parts standard  delivery quests, but can't get part 2 to go ok since share same name. Can anyone help me figure it out on 3.3.5a testing warmane/ dalaran wow.

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ok  used error found was wrong, but problem having is class specific  quest pick up ok but turn gets  funky and adding class trainer


edit: So I dunno fit is i a bug but it'll go to turn in and gets to complete screen exit  then  talks agains its there as of late nearing end of dwarf zone on dalaran wow. Coul di tbe diff  from warmane lordearon where  had np making quest profiles this morning?

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another issue
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1 hour ago, betterSister said:

i haven't checked how quest profile creator works since this is my 2nd or 3rd day with this bot but is it possible to tell the bot by quest ID not by quest name?

There is a video Droidz made on youtube I watched it simply follow  steps get all info u need to set it up going release  Gnome and Dwarf 1 to 5 but need some love on last 4 quests. I mean it worked just unhappy with it.

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