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Here is a Idea to Improve Farming Herbs with a Druid


  1. Bot checks if Class is Druid
  2. Bot checks if Flight Form is available
  3. Start flying to the Node above it (~10 yards)
  4. Fly to the note Max distance (I dont know the exact max range to gather nodes but i guess its arround 3-5 yards)
  5. If get hit Fly away

If that get implemented it improve the herbing of Druids alot.

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None of this Steps. The Normal Gatherer is totaly okay BUT for example there are many many nodes in Icecrown surrounded with Mobs like 4-5  (lvl 79-81). Option 1 He dont gather them. Option 2 He try it and Die.


With my idea it alows you to Gather Herbs in the Air and not get touched from Mobs. You can implement this aswell in the Main Bot (Current Patch) cause this is a improvement arround 100%. I never saw that before on a Bot so..... Do it and advertising it :)

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