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[WoTLK] Follow path, ignoring NPCs until path is complete


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Is there any way to make a C# plugin that follows a given vector path while ignoring all NPCs until the path is finished?

I was looking in to blacklisting NPCs but this didn't seem to work at all.


The reason why I ask is because I'm wanting to try create a plugin or profile that allows my bot to aggro a bunch of NPC's, go back to the path origin and AoE them down.  It would help a lot for dungeon boosting in WoTLK.

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To disable detection when player is attacked, use this c# code: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2681-snippets-codes-for-quest-profiles/#comment-13088

To use this code, you have a lot of ways, the more easy ways is to add this on your profile like this: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2202-profile-positions-and-action-column/ or you can run this code in tab "Tools" > "Dev... tools" > paste code in textbox and click on button "Run c# code...".

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